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System for launching Oracles in docker containers

The easiest way to launch an Oracle, or even bunch of them for testing purposes is to use our Docker based implementation. You need to have docker app installed.

Quick install of Orisi node

If on Windows or Mac OS, start and log into the Boot2docker Virtual Machine first.

boot2docker start
boot2docker init

Then launch a node: (if on Linux, start with this step)

docker pull orisi/oracle
docker run -name oracle_node orisi/oracle > /dev/null &

So I launched my node, what now?

Upon first creation of the node's docker container we generated keys for you. You will need to share with us some things to get into the smart contract charter:

  • Public address of your Oracle
  • Multi-sig address of your Oracle

You can do it using commands below

docker logs oracle_node | grep "my pubkey"
docker logs oracle_node | grep "my multisig address"

How to login into my oracle using ssh?

First you need to get to know ip address of your container.

docker inspect oracle_node | grep IPAddress

And then ssh into your machine:

ssh root@ip

Ssh running on the container is just a temporary measure, default password for root is .. password. Container is not exposed on public ip so it's not a big deal yet, but change it as soon as you can.

Now you can list the processes running on your container using standard linux commands

ps xa

Where are the logs?

The easiest way to see logs is not to login usings ssh, but use docker logs command

docker logs oracle_node

In the container itself logs are in /var/log/supervisord/

orisi.log - logs only for

supervisord.log - logs you see when you does docker logs oracle_node on a host machine, they contain everything

Where is the code?

All the code lies in a /disk folder of the container. You can access this folder from the boot2docker VM. To see where it is, do:

docker inspect oracle_node | grep /disk

The path will be something like this:


To update Orisi code do:

cd /var/lib/docker/vfs/dir/e5dd1b11d699441fa33b1ab97293f7ca6aa502b345e4b577173d0527f63b79ee/orisi
git pull

And then to restart oracle node:

docker restart oracle_node

You can of course change the repo from the official one to your own, or some different branch, just go into the persistent folder for your container and do your thing.

How do I start/stop running a node?

  • Restart container

    docker restart oracle_node
  • Start container

    docker start oracle_node
  • Stop container

    docker stop oracle_node

More information about docker commands that you mind find useful

Building Orisi Docker Image from source

If you want to have everything installed from scratch you can just download the Dockerfile from the source:

git clone
cd oracle
docker build -t zenoracle .

Whole process should take around 20 minutes. Your mileage may vary.

What's running inside the container?

Docker Pull Command
Source Repository