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Java with developer tools installed
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This project aims to provide a docker image for continuous integration of java development. It is intended to use with GitLab CI, but can be used for other purposes too.


For development the user work is used with the home directory /home/work. The home directory has the following pre installed directories:

  • localLibs - holding external jars that are required for build
  • localMaven - the local maven repository

For development purposes, these directories may be mounted from the local drive:
docker run -i -v /Users/<name>/JavaDevDocker/mntDev/:/home/work java-dev

To identify the execution environment, the environment variable IS_CONTAINER=true is set. This variable may be used e.g. to adjust timing in performance sensitive tests (UI animations etc.).

Boot sequence

When docker is startet the init script is executed from /home/script/ The init script currenty prints out some version information and starts the virtual frame buffer.


The local maven repository is set to /home/work/localMaven/.


Gradle is installed for builds. Gradle is set up to look for libraries in localLibs and localMaven. Publish to mavenLocal will publish the artifacts to localMaven.
You should use these repository definitions for that matter:

maven {
            url "file://$LOCAL_MAVEN"
            name 'localMaven'
        flatDir {
            dirs "$LOCAL_JAR"
            name 'localJARs'


For UI-Testing a virtual framebuffer is installed and running on DISPLAY=:1. Everything is set up, so you should be able to start your application/test right after the boot up.

Installed packages

  • Java
    • Oracle JDK 8
  • Development Tools
    • Gradle (2.10)
    • Maven
  • xvfb - for graphics output (and required packages)

Change Notes


Initial implementation

  • Oracle Java 1.8
  • Gradle
  • Maven
  • User Environment set up


  • Added Frame Buffer
  • Added environment variable IS_CONTAINER=true
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