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Docker container for ROS (Robot Operating System) indigo base. Include VNC server and noVNC web view
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Docker container for the ROS (Robot Operating System) indigo base.

get from docker hub:

docker pull osblinnikov/ros
docker run -p 6080:6080 -v `pwd`/workspaceSrc:/home/ros/workspace/src -t -i osblinnikov/ros

or to build container from dockerfile, type command in current directory:

git clone
cd rosDocker
docker build -t osblinnikov/ros .

To start the fresh built container simply type:


Now it's time to test ros installation


Connect to the desktop and open new terminal. Launch roscore:


Open one another terminal and launch turtlesim:

rosrun turtlesim turtlesim_node

Be Happy!

If you'd like to configure launch steps of the container, fix a startcontainer
script and rebuild the container


docker commit --author="FIXME" --message="FIXME" FIXME_75f05d8f7da3 osblinnikov/ros:FIXME

Note, for starting master and child nodes directly from the container console (not from vnc) you can use preinstalled tmux multiplexer of consoles


Figure out how to export ROS dynamic tcp/udp ports from docker container. Seems like coreos-rudder can help with providing virtual network

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