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Orthanc with commercial plugins image provided by Osimis
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Orthanc for Docker

Docker image with Orthanc and its official plugins (including commercial plugins). Orthanc is a lightweight, RESTful Vendor Neutral Archive for medical imaging.

Full documentation is available here.

Sample setups using this image are available here.

packages content


component                             version
Orthanc server                        1.3.1
Osimis Web viewer plugin              1.0.2 *
Osimis Web viewer plugin (alpha)      prerelease-1.1.0 *
Modality worklists plugin             1.3.1
Serve folders plugin                  1.3.1
Orthanc Web viewer plugin             2.3
DICOMweb plugin                       0.4
PostgreSQL plugin                     2.0
WSI Web viewer plugin                 0.4
Authorization plugin                  0.1.0

MSSql plugin                          0.5.0
Azure Storage plugin (using blobs)    0.3.0
Osimis Web viewer pro plugin *
Osimis Web viewer pro plugin (alpha)  prerelease- *
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