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A Dockerfile that installs the latest wordpress, nginx, php-apc, php-fpm and opens. Now with memcached caching straight from NGiNX!
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A Dockerfile that installs the latest wordpress, memcached, nginx, php-apc, php-fpm and openssh.
Now with memcached caching straight from NGiNX!

This is a modified fork from eugeneware. Most credits should go to him.


To spawn a new instance of wordpress:

$ sudo docker run -p 80 -p 22 -d -t oskarhane/docker-wordpress-nginx-ssh

You'll see an ID output like: d404cc2fa27b

This command returns the container ID, which you can use to find the external port you can use to access Wordpress from your host machine:

$ docker port <container-id> 80

You can the visit the following URL in a browser on your host machine to get started:<port>

To enable memcached caching straight from NGiNX, goto WP-FFPC settings page and press the save button. Thats it.

To get the SSH user wordpress's password so you can login and edit files, check the top of the docker container logs for it.

$ docker logs <container-id>
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3 years ago

This container isn't working because it is missing critical zip file!
You should go to authors github and build your own image once you download all files. This is because he probably only published Dockerimage to Docker Hub but not all other necessary files for this image to work properly.

Here is how log from this container looks like:

And this is how it looks like when you build your own image from his github page:

Grab all files from here and build your own image:

3 years ago

Is there a way to confirm that the page is served from memcached by nginx?

Also the WP-FFPC plugin seams not to be installed by default.

3 years ago

It worked ! Thanks

3 years ago

not working at the moment

3 years ago

Now with memcached cache served straight from NGiNX. Blazin' fast!