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Merge jobs from RabbitMQ
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The merge-jobs component is responsible for taking result messages from the queue,
download the attached MBTiles file and merge it into the latest planet MBTiles file.



To use merge-jobs inside the Docker Compose workflow you only need to ensure
that you have a planet.mbtiles ready in the export folder.

Now merge-jobs will merge the MBTiles files into ./export/planet.mbtiles.

docker-compose run merge-jobs


You can execute merge-jobs CLI directly as well without the wrapper Bash script.
You can also configure the name of the queue to pull messages from
with --result-queue=<result-queue>. You need to set the MBTiles merge target explicitly
via --merge-target<mbtiles-file> to the MBTiles you want the MBTiles job results merged into. <rabbitmq_url>  --merge-target=<mbtiles-file> [--result-queue=<result-queue>]


Check Queue Length

To get started you will need to have result messages in the message queue.

# Check queue length on local RabbitMQ instance
rabbitmqctl list_queues

# Or attach to Docker container running RabbitMQ
docker exec <rabbit-container-id> rabbitmqctl list_queues

S3 Files not accessible

The merge-jobs component does need public access to the files referenced
in the results message. If the bucket is not public you need to explicitely
make all object inside the bucket public.

s3cmd setacl s3://osm2vectortiles-jobs/ --acl-public --recursive
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