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otium360 base Dockerfile for Meteor (NodeJs) server runtinme.

Check the official Meteor Documentation for more details, specially the section Running on your own infrastructure. Take a look also at the README file generated under your bundled Meteor application.

Base Docker Image


This image assumes that your application:

  • is bundled using meteor build --directory
  • your Dockerfile is in the same folder that the Meteor bundle folder. Something like this:

      ├── Dockerfile
      ├── bundle
      |   ├── main.js
      |   ├── README
      |   ├── ...

The image will add to the container the bundle folder and install the required NPM dependencies locally.

The default command is:

CMD ["node", "main.js"]

Extending via Dockerfile

Extending via Dockerfile is just as easy as declaring your Meteor environment variables and EXPOSE the right port.

Sample Dockerfile:

FROM otium360organization/meteor-nodejs-runtime
MAINTAINER Bálder Carraté <>
  ROOT_URL=http://my-app.meteor.server \
  PORT=8080 \

Building the image and running the container

Sample execution (be sure to replace names and ports to match your environment):

docker build -t my-app-meteor /path/to/your/Dockerfile
docker run -d -p 8080:8080 --name my-app-meteor my-app-meteor
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