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Radarr on Ubuntu Server Linux with Mono
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Radarr is an independent fork of Sonarr reworked for automatically downloading movies via Usenet and BitTorrent.

The project was inspired by other Usenet/BitTorrent movie downloaders such as CouchPotato.

Link to Radarr:<br />
Link to GitHub Repo:


Use the following commands to deploy this image and replace the appropriate tags:

docker pull otmns/radarr:latest
docker create --name radarr -p {local UI port}:7878 -e TZ={linux time zone} -v {local config dir}:/config -v {complete downloads dir}:/complete -v {video library dir}:/movies otmns/radarr:latest


  • {local UI port} - port in which you can access the Web UI of the container.
  • {linux time zone} - the time zone for the container such as America/Detroit or UTC.
  • {local config dir} - local directory that will hold the configs for the container that will keep after reboot of container.
  • {complete downloads dir} - local directory where your unsorted completed downloads are at.
  • {video library dir} - directory that contains your sorted library

Additional Information

This is an example scriptlet to redeploy a new copy of the container:

service docker-container@radarr stop
docker rm radarr -f
docker pull otmns/radarr:latest
docker create --name radarr -p 8012:7878 -e TZ=UTC -v /home/media/radarr:/config -v /mnt/media/downloads/complete:/complete -v /mnt/media/video/movies:/movies otmns/radarr:latest
service docker-container@radarr start

To utilize the service commands seen above, use the following systemd file which should be found in /etc/systemd/system/docker-container@radarr.service:

Description=Docker Container %I

ExecStart=/usr/bin/docker start -a %i
ExecStop=/usr/bin/docker stop -t 2 %i

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