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Portable build system for Qt on Debian containers.
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Qt 5.9.0 via the Qt online installer.

Fitted up with numerous build tools and Qt Creator. Can run GUI tools via ssh.

Well, not the QtCreator yet because OpenGL dependency not fixed. Who would have thought - no GL on Docker containers! Whatever next?

To run the apps over ssh:
export DISPLAY=<whatever host IP address is>:0

You will need XQuartz on your Mac. You are running this on a Mac, aren't you?

Next steps are:

Fix the GL, run the QtCreator. Not because we need to, but because we can.
Add in the static libraries.
Build them Qt-based applications which static linking, and just run them on Debian containers everywhere. Yeah!!

The Qt libraries on here are licensed under the LGPL v2. Just sayin'

Update 0.2 has Qt static libraries on them. Yeee.

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