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Base docker image for running PHP web applications.
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Alpine running Nginx and PHP. Plays nicely with dredger.

Provided Software

  • PHP 7+
  • Nginx
  • Node 8 / NPM 5
  • Composer

Configuration Options

Most configuration can be done with environment variables. Here are the available options;

Environment Default Description
ENABLE_CRON Off Enables crond, add your cron jobs to /etc/crontabs/www-data. Remember to add an empty line at the end!
PHP_DISPLAY_ERRORS Off Display PHP errors in the browser, not recommended for production
PHP_OPCACHE_VALIDATE On Forces OPcache to check for updates on every request, turn Off for production
PHP_TIMEZONE Europe/London Specify the PHP date.timezone
PHP_MAX_CHILDREN 10 Specify the maximum number of concurrent PHP processes
XDEBUG_ENABLE Off Enables the Xdebug PHP extension with Webgrind at /webgrind
NGINX_SSL Off On - Enables HTTP/2 in Nginx
High - Enables HTTP/2 without TLS v1.0 (for PCI DSS 3.1 Compliance)
NGINX_HSTS Off Enable [HSTS] (
SMTP_HOST - Set SMTP hostname (uses MSMTP for sendmail)
SMTP_USER - Set SMTP username
SMTP_FROM - Set SMTP envelope-from header
SMTP_PASS - Set SMTP password
SMTP_TLS Off Enable TLS support, by default STARTTLS is enabled on port 587
SMTP_CHECK_CERTS On Specifying Off will disable SMTP TLS certificate checks

PHP extensions & settings

This image provides optional PHP extensions ready to enable. Available extensions include:

  • gd
  • mcrypt
  • soap
  • phpredis
  • ioncube

To enable an extension, simply create an ini file in /usr/local/etc/php/conf.d/. See here for an example that loads the GD and Soap extensions.

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