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Imposter: A scriptable, multipurpose mock server.
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Imposter: A scriptable, multipurpose mock server

Reliable, scriptable and extensible mock server for general REST APIs, OpenAPI (aka Swagger) specifications, Salesforce and HBase APIs.

Scripting support for both JavaScript or Groovy/Java.

What's it for?

Use Imposter to:

  • run standalone mocks in place of real systems
  • turn a Swagger file into a mock API for testing or QA
  • quickly set up a temporary API for your mobile/web client teams whilst the real API is being built
  • decouple your integration tests from the cloud/various back-end systems and take control of your dependencies

Provide mock responses using static files or customise behaviour using JavaScript or Java/Groovy. Power users can write their own plugins in a JVM language of their choice.


Read the documentation here.


Imposter uses plugins to control its behaviour and provide specialised mocks:

You can also create your own plugins, using a JVM language of your choice.


Let's assume your configuration is in a folder named config.

Docker example:

docker run -ti -p 8443:8443 \
    -v $(pwd)/config:/opt/imposter/config \

Your mock server is now running!

This example starts a mock server using the simple
REST plugin, serving responses based on the configuration files
inside the config folder. You can hit the URL
http://localhost:8443/example to see the mock response.


Pull requests are welcome at

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