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a dockerized ssh server for multiple users, based on ubuntu
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the ssh-relais

docker image to lightning fastly setup a ssh server for use as a multi user ssh jump point, or temporary privacy storage.

starting container

users are created at container startup (not at image creation), utilizing a mounted file ssh-users.lst. This file is a pipe separated list of users and corresponding public keys, looking like that:

mirsanmir|ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EA+Q84Qs8y7Z3eROnTQzkb5Tmp24o0P2Yx4BH9FElmEHu0rM4+HSKwlDPrgAxbA2rMKnFo/qeJJgGXqiDf8IQm6jUrM9DK4x6C+YtWArARHvBCeHIU8CPlmv7sheKWnbDcyoa8gLsioeSpVer+N8Uw4GAatpsrufyVBTJP7T+uwvGKNoyYx mirsanmir@localhost
doabollana|ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EA+Q84Qs8y7Z3eROnTQzkb5Tmp24o0P2Yx4BH+YtWArARHvBCeHIU8CPlmv7sheKWnbDcyoa8gLsioeSpVer+N8Uw4GAatpsrufyVB9FElmEHu0rM4+HSKwlDPrgAxbA2rMKnFo/qeJJgGXqiDf8IQm6jUrM9DK4x6CTJP7T+uwvGKNoyYx doabollana@outpost
leodone|ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EA+Q84Qs8y7Z3eROnTQzkb5Tmp24o0P2Yx4BH+YtWArARHvBCeHIU8CPlmv7sheKWnbDcyoa8gLsioeSpVer+N8Uw4GAatpsrufyVB9FElmEHu0rM4+HSKwlDPrgAxbA2rMKnFo/qeJJgGXqiDf8IQm6jUrM9DK4x6CTJP7T+uwvGKNoyYx leodone@outpost

mount file when starting container:

docker run -d -p 4022:22 --volume my_ssh-users.lst:/ssh-users.lst --name ssh-relais outpost/ssh-relais:latest

accessing the container

Use ssh

ssh -A leodone@localhost -p4022

trespassing the container

Since agent forwarding is activated by default, you could directly trespass the container with following command:

ssh -A -t leodone@localhost -p4022 -C "ssh -A someotheruser@"

Note that you have no dns name resolution inside the container.

putting a users home into ramdisk

To put home directory of example user leodone into a ramdisk, run container with following command:

docker run -d -p 4022:22 --tmpfs /home/leodone --volume my_ssh-users.lst:/ssh-users.lst --name ssh-relais outpost/ssh-relais:latest

Later, you can access this very volatile home directory with sftp

sftp -oPort=4022 leodone@local

or scp

scp -P 4022 ./some_local_file.txt leodone@localhost:/home/leodone/some_local_file.txt


  • this is an excellent way to get some very private temporary storage over the net. If container is closed, contents of home directory /home/leodone is effectively wiped without a trace.

  • since such a container is bound to the memory of its host, such a container cannot be restarted or moved to another host without losing data. One can use this to detect tampering with container.

accessing root

There is no way of accessing root via ssh. Use docker command instead:

docker exec -it outpost/ssh-relais /bin/bash

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