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File Browser

Shows a hierarchy of documents, based on the slashes in their filenames.

This is a plugin for Overview. You can see it live on overview-local
includes it automatically.



  1. Download and run Overview's
    ./dev. This creates the overviewserver_default Docker network that this
    plugin depends on in development mode.
  2. In a separate console, git clone
  3. cd overview-file-browser
  4. ./gulp dev starts a server that listens on http://localhost:3334
  5. Test it within Overview:
    1. Browse to http://localhost:9000
    2. Upload files by using the "Add files in folder" button
    3. In the resulting Document Set, click "Add View" ... "Custom"
    4. Set Name: Folders, App URL: http://localhost:3334, and
      Overview’s URL from App server: http://overview-web

Development Loop

  1. Run ./integration-tests/run to make sure integration tests work. (You must
    be running Overview's ./dev and ./gulp dev for integration tests to
  2. Run ./npm test to make sure unit tests work. (You can also use
    ./npm run test-forever to test every time a file changes.)
  3. Write a new test; write accompanying code; make sure tests pass.

BUG: ./integration-tests/run has a bug related to headless Chrome not
uploading a folder properly. Use
./integration-tests/run-browser spec/folders_spec.rb until we fix it.


Run ./release 1.0.1. This will:

  • Modify package.json to have the new version number
  • Tag and push v1.0.1 to GitHub
  • docker build . -t overview/overview-file-browser:1.0.1 and push the change

TODO: deploy automatically, via Jenkins

Now update your deployed cluster (e.g., ECS) to use the new version.


This project is copyright Overview Services Inc. and released under the
AGPL-3.0 open source license. See LICENSE for legal prose.

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