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Overview plugin for viewing and managing multiple search queries.
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This Overview plugin uses
nothing but flat files. Any web server can serve it.

Running on a dev machine

  1. Run overview-server's ./dev
    1.Run./dev` in this directory, in a separate shell.
  2. In Overview (http://localhost:9000), create a plugin with url https://localhost:3334 and Overview URL http://overview-dev.

Then there are the tests:

  1. ./npm test runs unit tests
  2. ./integration-tests/run runs integration tests (assuming you're running the dev-mode processes)
  3. ./integration-tests/run-browser spec/multi_search_spec.rb runs tests in a web browser viewed with vncviewer (assuming you're running the dev-mode processes)
  4. ./integration-tests/run-in-docker-compose runs a clean test environment (useful for continuous integration)

Releasing and deploying

  1. Run ./integration-tests/run-in-docker-compose
  2. ./release 1.0.1 (or whatever version) to publish a Docker image
  3. AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=... AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=... S3_BUCKET=... ./deploy to deploy to an S3 bucket. (The production version is in the overview-multi-search bucket.)
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