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ReviewBoard image for production use
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ReviewBoard image for production use

This ReviewBoard image uses Apache2 with mod_wsgi to serve ReviewBoard. It currently supports just MySQL as a database backend. PostgreSQL and SQLite3 soon to be added.

This image was built acording to the ReviewBoard install documentation.

How to use this image:

ReviewBoard requires a database in order to run. You can either use a container or another host. Make sure the database is accesible before starting the ReviewBoard container.

Use the DATABASE variable to specify the database backend to be used. Default is mysql.

Database in a container

The linked container must be aliased as dbserver.

MySQL example:

docker run -d --name=rb_db -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD='supersecretpassword' -e MYSQL_DATABASE='reviewboard' -v mysql-utf8.cnf:/etc/mysql/conf.d/mysql-utf8.cnf:ro -v /var/lib/mysql mysql:5.7.13

This uses the mysql-utf8.cnf file to ensure that the DB runs in UTF-8.

PostgreSQL example:

# [TBD]

SQLite3 example:

# [TBD]

Database on another server

When starting the ReviewBoard container, provide the following variables with their respective values:



Set the caching to be used by setting CACHE_TYPE to either memcache or file.

By default this image is set to use an internal memcache server.

This can be overriden by:

  • an external server
    Set MEMCACHE_SERVER_ADDR to the IP of the server Set MEMCACHE_SERVER_PORT to the server port (default 11211)
  • linked memcached container aliased as memcache

If using a file for caching, set the CACHE_INFO variable to the file cache directory.

Example of how to start a memcache container:

docker run -d --name=memcache memcached:1.4.28

Starting a container

docker run -d --link rb_db:dbserver --link memcache -p 80:80 ovidiub13/reviewboard


A docker-compose YAML file is available (currently just for MySQL) for easing the use of this image.
The image currently does not wait for the DB to be available, so the database container and the ReviewBoard container need to be started separately.

docker-compose -f docker-compose-mysql.yml up -d memcache
docker-compose -f docker-compose-mysql.yml up -d db
# wait for db setup to complete
docker-compose -f docker-compose-mysql.yml up -d reviewboard

Don't forget to change the database password.


  • [ ] Support for PostgreSQL
  • [ ] Support for SQLite3
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