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phpfpm prometheus exporter
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PHP FPM Exporter for Prometheus

Exports php-fpm status and statistics via HTTP. This version is forked from this project and has been modified to be able to run with Docker et Kubernetes.


Usage of ./phpfpm-prometheus-exporter:
  -log.format value
        Set the log target and format. Example: "logger:syslog?appname=bob&local=7" or "logger:stdout?json=true" (default "logger:stderr")
  -log.level value
        Only log messages with the given severity or above. Valid levels: [debug, info, warn, error, fatal] (default "info")
  -nc.connect-timeout int
        Native client connect timeout in ms (default 500)
  -phpfpm.listen-key string
        phpfpm's listen address (default "") string
        Path to phpfpm's pid file. (default "/var/run/")
  -phpfpm.poll-interval int
        Poll interval in seconds (default 10)
  -phpfpm.pool-name string
        phpfpm's pool name (default "www")
  -phpfpm.status-key string
        phpfpm's status path (default "/status")
        Print version information.
  -web.listen-address string
        Address to listen on for web interface and telemetry. (default ":9101")
  -web.telemetry-path string
        Path under which to expose metrics. (default "/metrics")

When using with Docker, the following environnements variables are available :

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