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ARMv7hf image with Neo4j, meant for use on Raspberry Pi 2
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This image is built to run on ARMv7 devices, like the Raspberry Pi 2. It contains a Neo4j graphdatabase instance.

Source code is on GitHub

TIP: Check out this article if you haven't yet got Docker up and running on your Raspberry Pi 2.

How to use this image

Create a new container with an emtpy database

The simplest possible way to use this image is like this:

docker run -it oysteinjakobsen/armv7-neo4j

Use docker ps to check which port 7474 mapped to on your host, and you're ready to connect using your browser!

Keeping the database on your host file system

The image has a mount-point /data that can be used to keep your database on the host computer instead of inside the container. Assuming you want to keep your database in the host folder /my-neo4j-data:

docker run \
  --rm -it \
  -p 7474:7474 \
  -p 1337:1337 \
  -v /my-neo4j-data:/data \

When the server starts connections will be accepted on port 7474 (browser) and 1337 (shell, host only).

Running Neo4j commands

You can run Neo4j commands using docker exec:

docker exec -it <container> neo4j status
docker exec -it <container> neo4j stop
docker exec -it <container> neo4j start
docker exec -it <container> neo4j-shell -c 'MATCH (n) RETURN n LIMIT 25;'
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