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Debian Wheezy ARMv7hf image with Oracle Java 8, meant for use on Raspberry Pi 2 and similar devices.
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This image is built to run on ARMv7 devices, like the Raspberry Pi 2. It can be used to build and run Java programs using Oracle Java 8.

Source code is on GitHub

TIP: Check out this article if you haven't yet got Docker up and running on your Raspberry Pi 2.

How to use this image

Run a simple Java program

The image has a mount-point /data that can be used to supply the Java program to the container. Here's how to run a small Java program /myapp/MyApp.class:

docker run \
  --rm -it \
  -v /myapp:/data \
  oysteinjakobsen/armv7-oracle-java8 \
  java /data/MyApp.class

Running a webapp

Let's assume you have a webapp packaged as a jar with an embedded Jetty container. Then you can run your program like this:

docker run \
  --rm -it \
  -p 8080:8080 \
  -v /myapp:/data \
  oysteinjakobsen/armv7-oracle-java8 \
  java -jar /data/MyWebApp.jar

Making your own image

You can also package your application in your own image by creating a Dockerfile:

FROM oysteinjakobsen/armv7-oracle-java8
ADD /projects/mywebapp /data
CMD ["java" "-jar" "/data/mywebapp/MyWebApp.jar"]

Rembember that the image must be built on the ARMv7 device.

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