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ubuntu 14.04 with google chrome and ssh
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Docker containers with "headless" VNC session

The repository contains a collection of Docker images with headless VNC environments.

Each docker image is installed with the following components:

  • Desktop environment Xfce4
  • VNC-Server (default VNC port 5901)
  • noVNC - HTML5 VNC client (default http port 6901)
  • Java JRE 8
  • Browsers:

    • Google Chrome v50.0.2661.94
  • Ubuntu 14.04 with Xfce4 UI session:

    Run command with mapping to local port 5902:

    docker run -d -p 7902:22 -p 5902:5901 -p 6902:6901 ozzadar/docker-headless-vnc-container:ubuntu

    Build image from scratch:

    docker build -t ubuntu-xfce-vnc ubuntu-xfce-vnc

    => connect via VNC viewer localhost:5902, default password: vncpassword

    => connect via noVNC HTML5 client: http://localhost:6902/vnc_auto.html?password=vncpassword

    => connect via ssh: ssh localhost -p 7902 -l root , default password: root


override the VNC password

Simple override the value of the environment variable VNC_PW. For example in
the docker run command:

docker run -it -p 5911:5901 -p 6902:6901 -e "VNC_PW=my-new-password" ozzadar/docker-headless-vnc-container:ubuntu


For questions or maybe some hints, feel free to contact us via or open an issue.

The guys behind:

ConSol* Consulting & Solutions Software GmbH <br/>
Franziskanerstr. 38, D-81669 München <br/>
Tel. +49-89-45841-100, Fax +49-89-45841-111<br/>
Homepage: E-Mail:

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