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Short Description
Image to register some public ip for haproxy containers into a consul keyvalue store.
Full Description

The template file is composed according to ozzyboshi/docker-consul-discover image.
Docker-consul-gns-register detects the state of the ozzyboshi/docker-consul-discover registering the public ip of active instances in a consul key value store.
At a later time you can use this information for building a dns container that holds an always up to date zone file with valid and working haproxy ips and achieve a fault tolerant and load balanced system.

Here his a docker compose example how to run ozzyboshi/docker-consul-dns-register

image : ozzyboshi/docker-consul-dns-register

- service=dnsregistrator


- "CONSUL_HOST=consulip:consulport"
- "CONSUL_DIR=dns"


- /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock

In this example ozzyboshi/docker-consul-dns-register expect ozzyboshi/docker-consul-discover to be run with:
--label service=haproxy (the label must match the CONTAINER_LABELNAME and CONTAINER_LABELVALUE env variables)

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