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Docker image for Amiga Vbbc compiler
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Docker image for Amiga Vbbc compiler

This docker image lets you compile simple c programs for the Commodore Amiga platform.
The vbcc compiler will produce binary files for the Motorola 68000 ( It works on my Amiga 600 but it should also work on A500 and A500+ )

The image was created according to this youtube tutorial: , many thanks to Wei-ju Wu for his wonderful work.


  1. create a directory where your C code will be stored (let's call'it myamigacprogram)
  2. create the program
  3. create the makefile
mkdir ~/myamigacprogram/
cd ~/myamigacprogram/

now create a the makefile inside myamigacprogram with your favourite text editor, the make file should be something like this

  $(CC) +kick13 -c99 $(CFLAGS) -lamiga -lauto /data/openwin.c -o /data/openwin

now it's time to compile openwin.c...

docker run -v $HOME/myamigacprogram:/data --rm  ozzyboshi/dockeramigavbcc make -f /data/Makefile

You should now see the binary executable inside your myamigacprogram, copy it to a real Amiga or emulator and run it, a simple window should appear on the screen.
Happy coding & Amiga forever

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