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Elasticsearch on Ubuntu with several useful plugins and a small script which configures the http-basic plugin with credentials provided via environment variables on the first run. Optionally persists Elasticsearch logs and data to a volume mounted at /data.



This container image was created for use with the cf-containers-broker for Cloud Foundry, but it should run just fine standalone or alongside any orchestrator capable of inserting environment variables.

Launch a container from the image by providing username, password and an optional volume where the Elasticsearch data and logs will be stored.

sudo docker run \
  && -e "ES_USERNAME=username" \
  && -e "ES_PASSWORD=password" \
  && --rm \
  && --name es-test \
  && -v /home/ubuntu/test:/data \
  && ozzyjohnson/elasticsearch

Test the running container by creating an index with the provided credentials.

curl -XPUT -v --user username:password 'CONTAINER_IP_ADDRESS:9200/test'

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