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The Pacifica Policy core REST API service
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Pacifica Policy API

This is the Pacifica Policy API and implements policy decisions
for the rest of the Pacifica software.

Installing the Service

Use the docker container

docker pull pacifica/policy

The Docker Compose Way

Build the images from pacifica-metadata.

docker-compose build

Bring up the policy and metadata images.

docker-compose up

The Manual Way

Install the dependencies using pip (or some other similar python way).

pip install -r requirements.txt

Run the code.



The policy server is split up into endpoints named for their Pacifica
project that utilizes them. So the path /uploader is used by the
Pacifica Uploader ( to
control its behavior. The idea is that workflow implemented by the
various Pacifica projects has some element of site or instance
specific policy that can be applied to the running service. The policy
is driven by the metadata and thus this project should talk to the
metadata service.

The Uploader Policy API

Docker Pull Command