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The Pacifica Proxy core REST API service
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Pacifica Smart Proxy Service

This service provides external access with some basic logic to redirect or
obfuscate access to other Pacifica services that are intended to be internal

Files Access

The archive interface service
is intended to be used by internal services to access files off the archive by
file ID only. This can be easily iterated over by external users and should not
be exposed externally. This service accepts a hashsum provided by the user and
looks up a file ID based on that hashsum. The service then redirects the request
without knowledge of the user to the archive interface to pull the file.

File Access API

Example curl command

curl http://localhost:8180/files/sha1/f90a581a5099079a8f1f582dd3643b6e060cc551

If the file exists the file is given as an octet-stream to the user. The
disposition header is also set with the filename defined in the metadata for
that file.

If the file does not exist a 404 Not Found return code is given.


If you are running this service behind nginx or apache this service can take
advantage of proxy server configurations to remove a layer of redirection
through this service that isn't needed.

The nginx configuration documentation
describes how to set this up and example nginx.conf files are provided in our
testing framework (travis/

Docker Pull Command