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BitlBee in Docker


BitlBee is an IM to IRC gateway, allowing you to collect all your chats
into a single place, your favorite IRC client.

This BitlBee is built from source, using the experimental "hipcat" branch,
which includes better support for HipChat's wacky XMPP implementation.


  • A basic system-wide install:
    docker run -d --name bitlbee -p 6667:6667 -v /var/lib/bitlbee:/var/lib/bitlbee packetcollision/bitlbee

  • A data-container install:

    1. docker create --name bitlbee-data packetcollision/bitlbee
    2. docker run -d --name bitlbee -p 6667:6667 --volumes-from bitlbee-data packetcollision/bitlbee


  • I haven't actually gottent around to testing the HipChat support.
  • The container is huge. This is because of all the dev dependencies.
    I'll try to slim it down at some point.
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