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Nginx image that enables container linking to be used for reverse proxying
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The purpose of this image is to provide a way to handle container linking.
If using nginx as a reverse proxy, one needs to know the IP address to which
requests should be proxied. The problem is that a docker container might
not obtain the same IP each time it is started. Container linking
alleviates this by allowing one container to provide details about itself via
the environment. The problem with nginx, is that it can't use environment
variables in the upstream config section.

This container runs a python script that looks for config files in /etc/nginx/templates and replaces any environment variables, of the form: ${VARNAME}, with their corresponding value and writes the config to /etc/nginx/conf.d/. It then starts nginx.

This means that one can use an upstream section along the lines of:

upstream gitlab {
   server ${GITLAB_PORT_80_TCP_ADDR}:80;
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