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A Docker Image for Nikola (unmaintained)
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This is a Docker image for the Nikola static site generator. It is based on Alpine Linux and uses the latest version of Nikola with Python 3. The Nikola "extras" are available. All languages supported by Nikola can be used.

You can pull a more recent, maintained pre-built image directly from the GitLab Container Registry:

  docker pull

Please note that the image does not have a default command set. Also note that the image only provides /bin/sh.

The Dockerfile for this image is maintained at GitLab. For usage instructions, see the documentation at GitLab.

Please note that the image you get with

  docker pull paddyhack/nikola

is no longer updated and contains Nikola 7.8.0. It may disappear as I am thinking about removing my account because this issue is still not taken care of.

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