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gost for Docker
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gost-docker is a docker wrapping of ginuerzh/gost with the image size of only 15MB. All you need to do is prepare a docker host and docker run on it.

Visit ginuerzh/gost for details.

Docker Installation

You can install docker daemon with the following command:

curl -s | sh

and start docker daemon like this in CentOS or Amazon Linux

service docker start

or like this in ubuntu or debian Linux

/etc/init.d/docker start


create shadowsocks server and client

// shadowsocks server
docker run -d -p 443:443  pahud/gost-docker gost -logtostderr -v 4 -L=ss://aes-256-cfb:123456@:443

// shadowsocks client(running with --net=host is recommended)
// please note this will share the networking interface with the host
// and -L=:8080 will listen on *ALL* interfaces on this host, 
// use -L= if you want to listen on localhost only
docker run -d -p 8080 --net=host pahud/gost-docker gost -logtostderr -v 4 -L=:8080 -F=ss://aes-256-cfb:123456@<server_ip>:443

// try with cURL
curl -x

create http_proxy on loalhost of Mac OS X, tunneling to remote shadowsocks server and make it always restart unless stopped manually.

docker run --restart=unless-stopped -d -p 8080:8080 pahud/gost-docker gost -logtostderr -v 4 -L=:8080 -F=ss://aes-256-cfb:<password>@<ss_host>:<ss_port>

aws-cli with https_proxy

// let aws-cli go via HTTPS_PROXY
# alias the aws cmd or set in your ~/.bash_profile
$ alias aws='HTTPS_PROXY= /usr/local/bin/aws'

docker pull via http_proxy in centos7

add the following line in [Service] directive in /usr/lib/systemd/system/docker.service


reload and make sure the config is active

# sudo systemctl daemon-reload
# sudo systemctl show docker --property Environment

restart docker daemon

$ sudo service docker restart

(remember to start the gost-docker in server mode again, as restarting docker will stop all running docker containers)

try docker pull again like this

docker pull ubuntu

and this should be working now.

Let me know if you have more working examples.

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