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Easy way to test drive's public opensource code or to start a dev environment based on this

## for the impatient // one command setup :)
docker run -td -p 8000:8000 paimpozhil/docker-mist

## thats it
visit http://[server/host ip]:8000

## to build the image / slower way but you can now customize 
git clone 
cd docker-mist
docker build -t mistio .
docker run -td -p 8000:8000 mistio 

Now you can easily see the Mist running in your interface

http://[server/host ip]:8000

Please note this has no login/authentication whatever for now. Please use it only on internal network

Or use an Nginx proxy or some other auth mechanism if you prefer to use it in production which may not be advised at the moment.

This code ONLY allows you to manage inventory /shell commands but does not have monitoring features and require login to for some reason. I may have to tinker more with it.

Hope this helped you to have a look the closely.

if youd like develop/contribute you may need a shell please use the following command and cd /home/mist

docker run -ti -p 8000:8000 mistio /bin/bash

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