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A Dockerfile which produces a docker image that runs a full PHP5 stack with Nginx, MariaDB, and Postfix.

Image Creation

$ sudo docker build -t="paintedfox/php5-stack" .

Container Creation / Running

The Nginx server is configured to host a website from the /srv/www folder inside the container. The MariaDB server is configured to use the /data folder inside the container. You can map the container's /srv/www and /data volumes to volumes on the host so the data becomes independant of the running container.

This example uses /tmp/www and /tmp/data to host from, but you can modify this to your needs. In addition, the example will name the resulting container phpwebapp and will run this as a daemon in the background with the -d option. Once the container is running, you will be able to connect to your PHP5 application through browser at

$ mkdir -p /tmp/www
$ mkdir -p /tmp/data
$ sudo docker run -name="phpwebapp" -p 8080:80 -v /tmp/www:/srv/www -v /tmp/data:/data -d paintedfox/php5-stack
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