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drone-wall is a wall display component for the Drone CI server


$ docker pull scottwferg/drone-wall
$ docker run -p 3000:3000 -e API_SCHEME=$API_SCHEME -e API_DOMAIN=$API_DOMAIN \
    -e API_TOKEN=$API_TOKEN -e API_PORT=$API_PORT scottwferg/drone-wall

Drone wall exposes port 3000. You can map this to whatever you like.

The API_ variables are required to configure the route that's hit to find new Drone builds.
SCHEME accepts HTTP or HTTPS, DOMAIN is where you provide the domain that is hosting the
API, PORT sets the port for the api host (default 443 for https and 80 for http), and TOKEN is where you should paste the access token that will authenticate you with
the Drone API (found in your Drone user settings).

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