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Data Driven Simulation Management API

DDSM is a python plateform for displaying and manipulating data
generated by your simulation management tool. This is the API
that you may use to push your simulation execution meta-data.
To run this, you have to run the database first:

$ sudo mongod --rest

and then:

$ python

By default it will run on your localhost on port 5100. You may
change those by using --host and --port.

To test the api:
$ nosetests -w absolute_path_to/ddsm-api/test/ --with-doctest -v


Sumatra is a command line tool that captures a lot of meta-data
pertaining to a Python execution. Sumatra is primarily aimed at
scientists using Python to run simulations, but the ideas could extend
to many other uses. The captured meta-data is not scientific specific,
but scientist often run the same script multiple times with only
slight modifications to parameter values. Version control alone is not
good at capturing this aspect of the scientific process.

Why another Sumatra App?

The combination of Flask and MongoDB suits the Sumatra use case well
Flask is more readable and compact than Django and easier for a new
user to understand while MongoDB allows for more unstructured data
than an SQL database. Thus the amount of code required for the App is
reduced the App becomes more extensible to new tools and data


[The MIT license.][LICENSE]


There are no current instances of the App, but we're working on making
an instance available.

Prerequisites and Installation

See the installation guide.

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