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Created manually from training/sinatra and adding gems and code from palladius/septober
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Septober is a TODO list developed in Ruby on Rails with lots of humour.

Version 1


sudo docker run -it palladius/septober:v1 bash
cd /home/riccardo/git/septober/ && make run

Run as a devel service (on local port 3000):

sudo docker run -p 3000:3000 -d palladius/septober:v1 /bin/sh -c "cd /home/riccardo/git/septober && make run"

Version 1.1

Run prod service (on port 80, note that RAILS_ENV=production screws up the pics (!!)):

sudo docker run -it -p 80:3000 palladius/septober:v1.1  # to enter and debug

or as a service (Septober as a Service (TM) ):

sudo docker run -p 80:3000 palladius/septober:v1.1 /bin/sh -c "cd /home/riccardo/git/septober && make run-prod"

version 1.2

Now server starts with the docker container, so it's even easier:

# runs RoR stack in PROD :3000 bridged on port 80
docker run -p 80:3000 palladius/septober:v1.2 

version 2.0 (2017-11-02)

Now the script to run is in /dockerize/ and code is in septober itself (not in GIC as before)

# run
 docker run -p 80:3000 palladius/septober:v2.0 /dockerize/
# debug
 docker run -it -p 80:3000 palladius/septober:v2.0 bash
 cat /dockerize/
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