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An image that can build a go source repository. The resulting image does not contain the go compiler.
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An image that allows you to use a Dockerfile as a Go build tool. You
can build a Go source repository and deploy the artifacts onto the
resulting image. No compiler or source code is left on the resulting

Available as pallet/golang-builder.


You should use this image to build your own images using a Dockerfile.
For example, to build an image for helixdns, you would
create a Dockerfile that executes the command your project builds:

FROM pallet/golang-builder
CMD ["/usr/local/bin/helixdns"]

The repository to be built needs to be specified in a docker build
bundle file, named gorepo (ie. a file namedd gorepo in the same
directory as your Dockerfile). The gorepo file must be a shell
script that sets the GOREPO environment variable to something that
go get will understand. All built artifacts from GOPATH/bin will be
put into /usr/local/bin.

For the helixdns example, this would be:

With this configuration, building your image with Docker (ie. docker build) will pull the code, build the binaries, install them in
/usr/local/bin, and set them to run when the image launches. The
final image will not contain the Go toolchain or the source code.


Copyright © 2014 Hugo Duncan

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at
your option) any later version.

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