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fwtools with python under apache2 & ubuntu:14.04
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What is FWTools ?

FWTools is the Open Source GIS Binary Kit for Windows and Linux; which contain :

  • OpenEV: A high performance raster/vector desktop data viewer and analysis tool.
  • MapServer: A web mapping package.
  • GDAL/OGR: A library and set of commandline utility applications for reading and writing a variety of geospatial raster (GDAL) and vector (OGR) formats.
  • PROJ.4: A cartographic projections library with commandline utilities.
  • OGDI: a multi-format raster and vector reading techology noteworthy for inclusion of support for various military formats including VPF (ie. VMAP, VITD), RPF (ie. CADRG, CIB), and ADRG.
  • Python: a scripting language.

Source :

How to use this image

Build fwtools docker image

This image is built under ubuntu 14.04.

docker build -t pamtrak06/fwtools

Run fwtools docker container

Run container

$ docker run -d pamtrak06/fwtools

Open a terminal session on a running container

$ docker ps
$ docker exec -d pamtrak06/fwtools /bin/bash

Exit container without stop it


Get docker vm ip :

$ boot2Docker ip =>


GDAL utilities : / (french version :

Docker Pull Command
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