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Build and manage Clojure projects within Docker with Leiningen
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Leiningen Docker Image

A Leiningen image based on Debian Wheezy and
Oracle JDK8.


git clone && cd docker-lein

docker build -t 'lein' .


docker pull pandeiro/lein

Example Use Cases

These all assume you're using the pandeiro/lein image; otherwise
replace that with the name of your custom-built image.

Note: the image now sets lein as the default ENTRYPOINT.

Clojure REPL

alias clj-repl='docker run -i -t pandeiro/lein repl'


Project-specific REPL

cd /path/to/project

alias project-repl="docker run -i -t -v $(pwd):/app pandeiro/lein repl"


Dependency-cached lein

One issue (or feature, depending) with the above example is that it will download
a fresh copy of all of the project's dependencies every time a REPL is run. If you
prefer, you can generate an image with the dependencies already included. This bash
function will help with that.

cache-lein() {
    docker run -v $(pwd):/app pandeiro/lein deps
    docker commit $(docker ps -a | awk '/lein deps/ {print $1}' | head -1) "$imagename"

Development server

(Uses cache-lein function from above example.)

cd /path/to/ring-project

cache-lein project

alias ring="docker run -p 3000:3000 -v $(pwd):/app project ring"

ring server-headless

Artifact builder

(Uses ring from above example.)

ring uberwar # war file appears in $PWD/target, just as with lein

As a base image

You can build a Docker image from any leiningen-based project
by starting with

FROM pandeiro/lein:latest

COPY . /app

RUN lein deps

# ...


Copyright © 2014 Murphy McMahon

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at
your option) any later version.

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