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Environment with X, VNC, Java and IntelliJ CE
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VNC IntelliJ

Builds a Docker image with X, VNC and IntelliJ set up


To run this image, you'll need to install Docker (instructions for Ubuntu).

Running the image (first time)

To run the image, use the following command (this will download the image if it doesn't exist):

$ docker run --name vnc-intellij -v /home/myuser/code:/src -p 5901:5901 pandeiro/vnc-intellij:latest

This assumes that there is some code in /home/myuser/code that you will want to view in IntelliJ, where it will be available in the container's /src directory.

Connecting to the Server

Once you have the container running, you can connect to it using a VNC client:

$ vinagre <serverip>:5901

It will prompt for a password, which is set by default to 'password'. (You can change it by following the instructions here.)

The IntelliJ application is accessible in the 'Other' folder from the LXDE start menu in the bottom left corner of the desktop.

Using the container subsequent times

You can keep the container server running and simply disconnect your VNC client to maintain state, or you can also terminate the container process:

$ docker stop vnc-intellij

Then, if you wish to use it again:

$ docker start vnc-intellij
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