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Step 1:
$ sudo mkdir /opt/nzbhydra
$ cd /opt/nzbhydra
$ sudo docker run -it --entrypoint /bin/bash -name trusting_booth papina/server:nzbhydra
$ python # this is run inside the docker image
Ctrl-C # stop hydra, but base config files will now exist

copy out the settings.cfg and nzbhydra.db files from another terminal using
$ sudo docker cp trusting_booth:/nzbhydra/settings.cfg /opt/nzbhydra/
$ sudo docker cp trusting_booth:/nzbhydra/nzbhydra.db /opt/nzbhydra/

back to the docker terminal
$ exit # closes the docker

now run it for real but use the files copied as the configs

$ sudo docker run -d \
-p \
-v /opt/nzbhydra/settings.cfg:/nzbhydra/settings.cfg \
-v /opt/nzbhydra/nzbhydra.db:/nzbhydra/nzbhydra.db \

Browse to and configure as normal.

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