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enigneer-chat boot image
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A simple chat server where clients(or rather engineers!) can easily chat through terminal.

Chat server

  • Clone the repository in the $GOPATH

    $ go get
  • Start the server

    $ go run server.go

    The server starts running at localhost:5555.

    Note: If you have docker installed on your machine, you can build the image and run the server inside the container.

    $ docker build -t engineer-chat .
    $ docker run --publish 6060:5555 --name test --rm engineer-chat

    This will start the server at localhost:6060.

    Alternatively, you can pull the latest image from docker hub and run it directly.

    $ docker run -d papriwalprateek/engineer-chat

Chat clients

You can use either telnet or nc to connect to the chat server.

$ telnet 5555

You can send commands or messages on this tcp stream. Commands begin with / and messages are anything else.

List of Available Commands

Name Command Description
Register /register <username> registers the user with the given username.
Logout /quit logout from the chat server.
Message /message <message> Broadcast the message in the room. Also without /, automatically /message command is used.
Private Message /pm <user> <message> messages privately to the given user.
Join Room /enter <room> Joins the given room. If room is not there, it creates the room and then joins it.
Leave Room /leave Leaves the current room and comes back into the lobby.
List Rooms /rooms Lists the available rooms.
List Users /users <rooms Lists the users in the given room. A simple /users will return the users present in the current room.
Help help Lists the available commands.

Sample Chat Session

A sample chat session with 3 clients - prateek, parijat, prateekp

Trying ::1...
Connected to localhost.
Escape character is '^]'.
Welcome to the Engineer Chat Server!
Type /help to list the commands
Login Name?
**username already taken**
Login name?
**connect** [prateekp] 
**users in lobby**
/pm parijat lets get into college room
**pm** [parijat] ok
**enter** [parijat] iit-delhi
/users iit-delhi
**users in [iit-delhi] room**
/enter iit-delhi
**enter** [prateekp] iit-delhi
prateek cant here us because we are in iit-delhi room and he is in lobby. lol!
[prateekp] prateek cant here us because we are in iit-delhi room and he is in lobby. lol!
[parijat] yeah lol!
**leave** [prateekp] iit-delhi
/users iit-delhi
**users in [iit-delhi] room**
**users in lobby**
**disconnect** [prateek] 
**users in lobby**
Connection closed by foreign host.
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