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Dockerized collectd daemon...
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Dockerized collectd daemon

This is dockerized version of collectd with multiple plugins for monitoring of Linux server.
You only need docker to run this (in privileged mode?), and grafana with data source (influxdb) for displaying graphs.
Enabled plugins:

  • network
  • conntrack
  • cpu
  • cpufreq
  • df
  • disk
  • hddtemp
  • ipmi
  • smart
  • interface
  • load
  • memory
  • processes
  • swap
  • tcpconns
  • uptime
  • users
  • virt


docker run -d -e HOST_NAME=$(hostname -s) -e COLLECTD_HOST=<collectd server> \
  -e COLLECTD_PORT=25826 \
  -v /etc/hosts:/etc/hosts:ro \

Environment variables:

  • HOST_NAME - hostname to use in grafana.
  • COLLECTD_HOST - host where collectd server is listening for data.
  • COLLECTD_PORT - port where collectd server is listening for data, 25826 by default.
  • COLLECTD_UPDATE_INTERVAL - metric update interval, 30 by default

This image builds from ceph/base and has the same tags.

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