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A rails image based on patelify/ruby. Its prepped to install Rails project.
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A Rails container image built from patelify/ruby. More specifically based on 'alpine:3.2'.

Base Docker Image

Image Details

  • ruby (2.2.2p95)
  • gem (2.4.8)
  • bundler (1.10.6)
  • nokogiri and other rails sentric libraries pre-installed.

Rails Dockerfile

This repository contains a Dockerfile that leverages a base image built with AlpineLinux to build a lightweight Rails image to use further as a base image. This is an automated build published to the public Docker Hub Registry.


  1. Install Docker.

  2. Download patelify/rails from the public Docker Hub Registry: docker pull patelify/rails


docker run -it --rm patelify/rails

or if you're feeling adventureous

docker run -it -rm patelify/rails /bin/bash
Docker Pull Command