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Builds the strava python bot for mattermost
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Python bot that fetches data from a Strava club and pushes the latest rides to a mattermost channel using incoming webhooks


  • Add database or cache
  • Find a better way to check if new activities were submitted
  • Make the payload more configurable
  • Add an easy way to fetch a token from the Strava api


As the stravalib api is working with python 2.7, I haven't tested this with any other pyenv, so maybe it works with 3+ pyenvs.

pip install stravalib

pip install numpy

mv configuration/template_config configuration/config and complete the variables in configuration/config

You will need to find a way to get a Strava token via oauth as the stravalib provided with pip doesn't provide a way to do so. See the (appropriate documentation)[] for more info. As they do not seem to expire, I simply run the url inside postman and analyze the response to get the token once, which I then copy inside the config file.



There's also a quick docker image I made that pulls the code corresponding at the tag and runs it. To configure your bot from outside the container, use the volume specified in the Dockerfile.


At this point when writing this small bot I was new to python and Docker, so the code and standards may not be perfect. If you feel like doing so, you can contribute with pull requests and I'll be glad to help and learn more about Python/Docker this way.

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