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Save metrics from Nest thermostat to InfluxDB
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Only if you have a nest Thermostat.
Go to to have one secret ID for your themostat

The goal is to save your metrics from your nest into InfluxDB.

After that, you can graph them in Chronograph or Grafana.

First execution

First execution standalone

docker run -d  --name=nest -e nest_secretid=c.557ToBECopleted patrickalin/nestthermostat

don't forget to replace your secret ID.

docker logs nest

First result standalone

Saturday, 16-Jan-16 13:28:45 UTC :> Nest Thermostat API 0.1 in Go

DeviceId :          o
SoftwareVersion :     5.1.6rc4
Humidity :          40.0
AmbientTemperatureC :     20.5
TargetTemperatureC :     21.0
Away :               auto-away

Second execution

Second execution with config.yaml

docker cp nest:/go/src/GoNestThermostatAPIRest/config.yaml ./config.yaml

modify the config.yaml with the secretId

docker stop nest
docker rm nest

docker run -d --name=nest -v $(PWD)/config.yaml:/go/src/GoNestThermostatAPIRest/config.yaml patrickalin/nestthermostat

docker logs nest

Third execution

Execution with influxDB

Modify the config.yaml with the configuration influxDB.
Don't forget to put : influxDB_activated: "true"

docker stop nest
docker rm nest

docker run -d --name=nest -v $(PWD)/config.yaml:/go/src/GoNestThermostatAPIRest/config.yaml patrickalin/nestthermostat

And you can show the result in influxDB.

You can display the result with Chronograph


This image uses :
code :
images : go-alpine, this last one uses alpine-linux


Write docker compose with Nest, InfluxDB, Chronograf and Grafana.

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