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Pythonista - the Docker image

Pythonista is a Docker image for Python developers to test their applications against
common python interpreters. The image was originaly created by ikalnitsky (see pythonista) for 64bit containers.
Since one of my statging servers is running on 32bit, this fork was created

About Image

  • OS - Ubuntu Trusty (14.04)
  • CPython - 2.6.9 / 2.7.9 / 3.2.6 / 3.3.6 / 3.4.4
  • PyPy - PyPy 2.5.0 (based on 2.7.8) / PyPy3 2.4.0 (based on 3.2.5)
  • Env - pip, virtualenv, tox

How To Use?

Pythonista image is available on Docker Hub, so you can easily pull
it by means docker client:

$ [sudo] docker pull patrickjahns/pythonista-x86_32

If you want to enter a bash session, just do it how you did it for
another containers:

$ [sudo] docker run -t -i patrickjahns/pythonista-x86-32 bash

and enjoy bash session within container.

Unit Tests

It's very convenient to run unit tests inside Pythonista container because
you can run it using different Python interpreters. For example, with tox
the command might look like:

$ [sudo] docker run -v /path/to/src/:/src -w /src patrickjahns/pythonista-x86-32 tox


It's important for me to get user's feedback, so please don't hesitate
to suggest improvements or report bugs via GitHub Issue.

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