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IRSSI in Screen on Docker.
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An IRSSI client build running in screen.

This container enables you to run IRSSI in a screen session so that when you disconnect the session is dropped into the background and continues to run. Next time you come back, the screen session is reinstated and you've missed nothing.

To start the the container use the following:

docker run -d --name irssi -p 7001:22 -v </storage/irssi>:/data paulbrennan/irssi

where </storage/irssi> is your volume mapping to either a data volume on container or the host filesystem.

After starting the container for the first time, you'll need to login and change the root password and add a new IRSSI user. To do this:

ssh root@yourserver.tld -p 7001 - or w/e port you mapped to on the host machine.

Default password for root user is irssi - you'll be asked to change this on first login.

Next create a new IRSSI user and password. Once you have done this you should now be able to SSH to the server using the new IRSSI account credentials:

ssh <new_user>@yourserver.tld -p 7001 - or w/e port you mapped to on the host machine.

You will be presented with a screen session running IRSSI.

Enjoy o/

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