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Sonarqube with C# development plugins
Full Description

Sonarqube in docker with c# development plugins

Included plugins:

  • java (required by csharp plugin)
  • csharp
  • clover 3.1
  • fxcop 1.0

Run with embedded database

docker run -d -p 9000:9000 --name sonarqube-csharp paulgartner/sonarqube-csharp

Other software

  1. FxCop
    • This should be installed with Visual Studio 2013 C:/Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Visual Studio 12.0/Team Tools/Static Analysis Tools/FxCop/FxCopCmd.exe
  2. VSSonarExtension
    • VisualStudio extension installable from Tools -> Extensions and Updates

Sonarqube Setup

  1. Browse to http://localhost:9000/
  2. Login as admin:
    1. Default credentials; admin:admin
    2. Change the admin password if desired
    3. http://localhost:9000/account/security
  3. Create a new user for SonarScanner
  4. Update plugins
  5. Update path to FxCopCmd.exe

VSSonarExtension setup

  1. Menu bar, Sonar -> Configuration
    • Server Address: http://localhost:9000
    • Login or Token, use settings from set 3 in sonarqube setup
    • test connection + connect to server
    • Save and exit
  2. Right click solution -> SQ: Run Full Analysis
    • If asked to provision a new project, click ok
  3. Fill in the form
  4. Click ok


Plugin sources:

Docker Pull Command
Source Repository