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simple bootstrap for raspberry pi
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Web app registry service for the augment00 project

Run Locally

  1. Install the App Engine Python SDK.
    See the README file for directions. You'll need python 2.7 and pip 1.4 or later installed too.

  2. Clone this repo with

    git clone
  3. Install dependencies in the project's lib directory.
    Note: App Engine can only import libraries from inside your project directory.

    cd a00_registry/src
    pip install -r requirements.txt -t lib
  4. Run this project locally from the command line: .

Visit the application http://localhost:8080

See the development server documentation
for options when running dev_appserver.


To deploy the application:

  1. install gcloud command line tools

  2. from a00_registry/src run: gcloud --project=project00-msme app deploy

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