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A IBM DB2 Express-C image with a database installed
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Just run:

To create a container
docker run -it -p 50000:50000 -e DB2INST1_PASSWORD=db2inst1-pwd -e LICENSE=accept paulogervasio/db2;

After docker create the container (inside it):
passwd db2inst1
su db2isnt1;

Done! your container is created and you can connect to the database using the credentials:

host: <the same host that hosts docker engine>
port: 50000
database name: sample
username: db2inst1
password: <the same password created with the command issued above `passwd db2inst1`>

This image uses a good tool to provide a history to old command issued called rlwrap:

To use it you need to put rlwrap command before the real command:
rlwrap db2;

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