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Nodejs image based of microsoft/nanoserver
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Docker image paulusminus/nodejs

Dockerfile based on microsoft/nanoserver image. It creates an image which contains nodejs. You can use this image to create new images for every node application that you want to distribute.

Node Versions

There is a json document describing all the node versions that were published. I intend to use this document to automatically build new Docker Images in case a new version is published. Saving the etag of the last published index.json should do the trick. The intention is to have the latest stable and LTS version available through Docker HUB.

Automated build not working

Automated build doesn't work yet with Windows Containers.
I use build.cmd and versions.txt to automatically build the images locally.


All the files needed for building the nodejs images are published on github,
The README in this repository is also being used as description in the Docker Hub.

Docker Pull Command