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Firefox configured with Java 7
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Because some legacy web applications require java 7, it would be nice to have a browser configured for this separate from your host machine. This image accomplishes this by forwarding a x11 session over ssh to an ubuntu trusty based machine with firefox and openjdk-7-jre / icedtea-7-plugin configured for it. Now there may be a more elegant way to do this in docker; and some prefer oracle official jre and plugin instead of openjdk. If you have suggestions; or would like this done with alternate java base; please leave a comment below.


Since this image uses ssh, you would need to connect to a user. The credentials for this user is:

username: root
password: unicorn

It may be wise to run a passwd command to change the password.


to run:

# docker run --name javafox -d paxmanchris/javafox

You will need to get the ip address of the machine:

# docker inspect javafox | grep IPAddress
 "IPAddress": "",

The example result above is (will be different for you), To firefox, ssh with -X flag:

ssh -X root@

Login with the password unicorn, then type firefox at the shell prompt; closing this terminal will close firefox.



  • VirtualBox
  • docker toolbox
  • xquartz


Once you have all the requirements installed, go ahead and open up kitematic (comes with docker toolbox). Create a new container by searching for javafox or paxmanchris and clicking the create button for javafox. Once javafox has started, look for the ssh port mapping. For example:

Docker Port     Access URL

Make sure xquartz is open,Open up the terminal, and run:

ssh -X -p 32775



  • virtualbox
  • docker toolbox
  • Xming
  • Putty


Once you got the container running in kitematic, and you have xming running. Open up putty, and type in the ipaddress and port information (read the mac notes), and make sure you have X11Fowarding checked (under: Connection -> SSH -> x11), and use localhost:0.0 for the "X display location". login as described in a previous section


will work:

will not work:

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